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                            Our Price: £11.00
                          Teletone Toe and heel Taps
                          Teletone Toe and heel Taps
                          Type of Tap Shoe
                          Capezio Toe Tap Size
                          Capezio Heel Tap Size

                          Teletone Toe or Heel Taps

                          Capezio Teletone Toe or Heel Taps. These are priced individually, (ie toe taps x 2 for a pair of shoes cost £11.00 or heel taps x 2 for a pair of shoes cost £11.00) with a discount given when both toe and heel taps for a pair of shoes are ordered.  If wishing to order both heel and toe taps together please ensure that you click on 'both heel and toe taps' under the heading 'taps'. 

                          This top quality item is offered to you courtesy of Born to Dance Dancewear. We offer a full money back guarantee on all our items that are returned undamaged. Should you require any further information on this product, please do not hesitate to contact us.

                          HEEL TAP GUIDE

                          LOW HEEL SHOES

                          SHOE SIZES (SMALL) 5 to (SMALL) 8 = TAP SIZE 5
                          SHOE SIZES 9 to 1 1/2
                           = TAP SIZE 4
                          SHOE SIZES 2 to 8 = TAP SIZE 3

                          CUBAN HEEL SHOES

                          SHOE SIZES 13 to 9 =   TAP SIZE 4                                                                                           

                          TOE TAP GUIDE

                          LOW HEEL SHOES

                          SHOE SIZES (SMALL) 5 to 11 = TAP SIZE 4
                          SHOE SIZES 12 - 4 1/2 = TAP SIZE 3
                          SHOE SIZES 5 - 8 = TAP SIZE 2

                          CUBAN HEEL SHOES

                          SHOE SIZES 13 to 3 1/2 = TAP SIZE 4
                          SHOE SIZES 4 to 9 = TAP SIZE 3

                          CLASSIC OXFORD - HEEL TAPS - ALL SIZE SHOES = TAP SIZE 5
                                                           TOE TAPS - 2 - 3 1/2 = TAP SIZE 4; 4 - 6 1/2 = TAP SIZE 3; 7 - 8 = TAP SIZE 2

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